Moon River Farm
Contact: Kayleigh and Lily
Address: 19350 Barber Rd Nehalem, OR, 97131
Email Address:
Phone: 503-753-6327
About Us
At Moon River Farm we believe in growing food in a way that supports all of the living systems that surround and support our farm. This means that we employ practices that allow us to grow food without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other "-icides." We utilize low-till/no-till practices and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by farming primarily by hand. We use organic practices including cover cropping, composting, interplanting, and integrated pest management. We feel strongly about providing our wonderful coastal community with local, safe, healthy, fresh food. At this time we are not certified organic, though we grow using beyond certified organic methods. We are a small farm and we hope to know and see all of our customers so that we can discuss any questions they may have regarding our practices. We understand the peace of mind that comes with the Organic label, but we hope that by knowing your farmer and seeing our work we can give you the same peace of mind.
We will always use organic practices. This means we will never use chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or genetically modified seeds. Never. We care about your satisfaction and will provide the freshest, sustainably grown produce that we can. And we'll have fun doing it.